1. start by selecting 'create your site'

When you have done this click 'Design' from the top right menu

2. design

Remember to view 'All categories' from the drop down box.
As you can see each template has various colour schemes on the right hand side, also a place to change the current banner or upload your own. There is also the option to change the menu buttons and upload your own logo.

You can view all the templates by clicking on the direction arrows at the bottom of the page. There is also a handy 'Preview' button which shows how your website will currently look.

3. pages

In this section you can add or remove pages that you want on your website.
Your current website is shown under the section 'Your site structure' you can change the position of pages and add/remove pages that you do and don't want.

4. edit

Now that you have selected the pages you want you can start adding text and images by typing directly onto your web pages with a toolbar across the top similar to Microsft Word allowing you to change the font colour, size etc...
Each page is changed by clicking on the 'Site map' on the left hand side.

5. publish

When you are happy with the way your website looks you can click on the 'Publish' button on the top right menu, this will make your website live for the world to see and will be shown under the domain name you have choosen.

The good thing about our website builder is that you can come back at anytime and change any of the content, images add/remove pages or even change the template without having to start from the beginning.